Updated Statistical Applets

We have updated, revised, and improved our Statistical Applets. Within StatsPortal, each applet will be an assignable activity, with auto-graded questions for students to answer. When linked to from our free book companion site or from an ebook page, the applets will appear as "standalone versions", without these questions.

Click the links below to use the new Applets. In future versions of StatsPortal, the new Applets will replace the older Applets wherever they appear in the Portal.

Normal Approximation to Binomial Distributions
The Central Limit Theorem
Confidence Intervals
Correlation and Regression
Mean and Median
Normal Density Curve
One-Variable Statistical Calculator
Statistical Power
The Law of Large Numbers
P-Value of a Test of Significance
Simple Random Sample
Statistical Significance
The Reasoning of a Statistical Test
Two-Variable Statistical Calculator
The Chi-square goodness of fit test
Confidence Intervals for Proportions